Individual & Group Classes



1st Manual Revised Cover
  1. Learn what we are made of: high and low-density levels.
    a. Learn the cycle of human formation.
  2. Spiritual plane:
    a. The detailed view of the Soul
    b. Where does the Soul come from?
    c. What is the importance of the Soul?
    d. What happens If we do not care for the Soul?
    e. How to care for the Soul?
  3. Human Energetic Plane:
    a. What are Energy Matrix and Universal Grid?
    b. Comprehensive studies of the Chakras
    c. Detailed studies of the Aura
    d. What are Internally or Externally Generated Energy Patterns and Waves?
    e. Energizing Technique f. Bio-Energetic Sensing and Scanning Technique.
  4. 4. Human Physical Plane: 
    a. Discovering Physio-Energetic Connection
    b. Self-healing Energizing Techniques
    c. Healing of Others Energizing Technique
    5. Human Mental Plane:
    a. Sensory Modalities
    b. Active and Passive Meditation Techniques
    c. Psycho-Spiritual Integration

Arieh I.

I enjoyed your class very much and found it extremely enlightening!

Johny I.

It was a wonderful and profound experience like no other. Getting a glimpse of the bio-energy world has drawn a totally new perspective of things…

Inessa O.

I enjoyed your class and think that you have wonderful teaching skills.


2nd Manual Revised Cover
  1. Learn to bio-energetically Energize for the healing, strengthening and protective purposes.
  2. Learn to combine the bio-energetic techniques, prayers or mantras.
  3. Learn to Identify Individual Shadow Sides — negative or distorted thought patterns, weak character traits, unrecognized desires, misinterpretation of challenges given by the Universe.
  4. Learn to bio-energetically connect all Chakras as well as higher and lower planes of existence.
  5. Learn to bio-energetically connect to the Earth in order to balance and strengthen the individual character.
  6. Introduce the Soul, Mind and Heart.
  7. Learn to sense and Enlighten the Soul, Mind and Heart.
  8. Introduce the Celestial Hierarchy, its function in the Universe and our lives.
  9. Learn to communicate with the Soul, Spiritual Guides and Angels.
  10. Introduce the Spiritual Ascension and Dissension through the historical references.
  11. Introduce the Universal Plan, Universal Laws and Supreme Consciousness.
  12. Learn to connect to the Entire Being and the Fabric of Life.
  13. Learn to sense with the Aura. 14. Learn to scan with the Third Eye.

Peter P-M.

It was a brilliant learning experience and I am very glad I came.

Tamara T.

This was the most interesting and empowering class that you have developed and taught so far.

Alena A.

I am still in owe with this incredible knowledge and experience I've received during these days of your class! I was waiting for it for many years and I am still feeling emotional that I finally found my home. Thank you very much, Tatiana! I am so grateful!


3rd Manual Revices Cover
  1. Journey Through Galactic & Life Cycles
  2. Exploring the Largest Living Organism in Our Solar System
  3. Discovering the Universal Parents
  4. Learning to Connect to the Spark of the Divinity Exercise
  5. Identifying Our Place in the Infinity
  6. Defining Conversion Low Density to High Density Process
  7. Learning Protocol for Working with Chakra System
  8. Discovering All-Encompassing World
  9. Understanding Electro-Magnetic Duality in Life
  10. Learning to Work with Transformational Stem and Merkaba
  11. Discovering the Global Household
  12. Identifying Bio-Energetic Portals and Their Significance
  13. Learning the Protocol for Clearing Energetic Portals
  14. Exploring the Dangers of Ignorance
  15. Returning to Awareness
  16. Learning the Increase Of Awareness Technique
  17. Scientific Data behind Mind over Matter
  18. Learning Modified Communication with the Soul Exercises
  19. Identifying Types of Intimate Relationships Dynamics
  20. Exploring Family Dynamics
  21. Comprehending the Power of Family Dynamics
  22. Defining Parents and Children Dynamics
  23. Discovering Profiling
  24. Learning Profiling Others
  25. Learning Enlightening Others Protocol
  26. Learning Advanced Connection to the Entire Being - Developing Integrity

~ Laura C.


~ Vladimir B.

“I finally understood the origin of my strength, my weaknesses and all the challenges that I have been struggling with. Understanding and accepting it allowed me to stop the internal fight and start to use what I’ve been given. And the energy practices in the 3rd class to me are the coolest of the three classes!”

~ Lina B.

“The manual is holistic covering an amazing breadth of engaging material on all parts of life.
I found the energy techniques truly empowering in helping to lead a better, more fulfilled life!
I strongly recommend it!”