Our doctors, therapists and practitioners are highly educated specialists who integrate the practice of the Western and Eastern Medicine.


Since 1991 the center is founded and operated, as a family practice to insure the best service and treatment possible.


We share our concepts with our clients/students, patiently explaining the value of every single belief. With time, these beliefs become the foundation of their health and success. 

I. Each person is responsible for sustaining good health and happiness based on increased awareness and making wiser life-style choices.

II. Healthy life, inner peace and happiness are based on:

  • Constructive mental attitude
  • Balanced diet
  • Self-motivated physical & social activities.

III. Through personal elevation of consciousness, each individual has an opportunity to live life to the fullest on the personal, professional, social and economic levels.

IV. What helps our clients in their struggle with illness, bad luck, personal regrets, and depression? And later, what leads them to restoration and renovation of their health? 

Awareness that people are Creation of the Universe who are in this life for a Higher Good. Through increased understanding and knowledge, they discover how to make the most of life’s opportunities, including blessings in disguise. Most of clients agree that the connection with the Divinity was not strong for years or hardly existed at all until the appearance of the problems that brought them to our center. Reconnection to the Universal Wisdom is essential in creating and sustaining success.


Our approach makes our practice advanced. We do not treat symptoms of the disease. We restore the harmony between all levels of human existence: physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual and bio-energetic. The reestablished wholeness of the person promotes the restoration of general health, elevation of consciousness and alleviation of different sub-health conditions.